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TSC Interview Questions

1. Tell me about your self and project?

2.You have both support and dev knowledge?

3.How the knowledge will transfer(KT) will happen?

4.I have 3 messages but in that i need to process only perticular message how?

5. Where we will browse the error schema?

6. Acknowledge modes in EMS?

7. What is client acknowledge mode and EMS_Explicit ack?

8.Did you used wait and confirm activity?

9.In prod support how the things are happening in your project?

10.If there is any issue how you will find out?

11.can you tell about shared variable and job shared variable?

12.In admin what is the use of max jobs and flow limit?

13.tell me about queues , topics and bridges?

14. What is dynamic override and If we are building an ear these this will come in ear or not?

15.what is the use of Notify activity?


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Sworn Affidivit in london

Hi Friends,

Latest Process related to Sworn Affidavit in London.

This is regarding Sworn affidavit which we need to submit at PSK when your baby wants passport and when you are staying at UK. You need to send Sworn Affidavit to INDIA to get the passport for minor.This is also called document Indian Mission Post.

Earlier I read many blogs which gave me confusions. This is latest 2016 Feb process.

No need to go early in the morning and stand in the queue those days are over. Now its very simple.

First you have book an appointment by using the url https://www.hcilondon.in/ also you need to down load two form Miscellaneous Application Form, please visit the link ‘Forms for Consular Services’).

You can visit High commission before half an hour to your appointment time is more than enough.

Documents to carry:


AddressproofLondon(Rental agreement/Bank statement)

2 Photo graphs of your’s

Printout of that appointment letter(Mandatory)

They will call our names as per the sheet which they are having with them.

We need to be ready by filling the both forms and with necessary documents.Entire process will complete in 15 mins. For collecting the sworn Affidavit you need to go back @04:30 PM on same day. But here no names first come first serve basis.


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