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TCS Interview questions on tibco

1. Tell me about your self and project?

2.You have both support and development knowledge?

3.How the knowledge will transfer(KT) will happen?

4.I have 3 messages but in that i need to process only particular message how?

5. Where we will browse the error schema?

6. Acknowledge modes in EMS?

7. What is client acknowledge mode and EMS_Explicit acknowledgement?

8.Did you used wait and confirm activity?

9.In prod support how the things are happening in your project?

10.If there is any issue how you will find out?

11.can you tell about shared variable and job shared variable?

12.In admin what is the use of max jobs and flow limit?

13.tell me about queues , topics and bridges?

14. What is dynamic override and If we are building an ear these this will come in ear or not?

15.what is the use of Notify activity?

16.What is CheckPoint Activity and its usage?